Video 3

I went to the corniche and set my tripod. Although I put it on the shortest height it still looked high. So I taped my phone on on of the tripod’s leg and layed the tripod sideways and started taking video’s. I repeated the same steps I previously did as I used an app to add the filters. Although I faced a problem since the app is giving me a medium quality video, I decided to upgrade the app and buy it to get HD quality videos. My clips looked my better that way and when I placed my clips on after effects I had to resize them to make them larger in order to fit the screen since they are taken by a phone camera that of course are smaller. I was worried that it will ruin the quality of the video  but it did not. Since the clips give a marble effect I decided to look for a sound of marble, It was hard looking for a marble sound but I finally did. I added it to the video and I think it matched the clips.

I enjoyed working on this project, and I did not face a lot of difficulties. It was fun and different from what we usually do.



Video 2

I went to the beach to explore the things by the shore and the waves around. The rocks looked really nice and weird, so I took some clips of different rocks using my phone. I wanted to use my phone and not a professional camera because I don’t want it to look professional and perfect. I later on took my video’s and used an app to add a filter to the videos. The problem is that the app that I use is giving me a medium quality video and has the logo of the app on the side. So I have to crop each clip by send it to someone on whatsapp cropped then I have to save it again. I did that for all the clips. I showed my work to the class, and the professor suggested that I reshoot this without shaking my hand and using a tripod.

Video 1

I started looking at some videos made by artists for inspiration. I found Stan Brakhage’s videos the most interesting. In particular I liked his video Stellar. I really liked the weird vibes it gave and how you don’t know the things that appeared in the video. To me it looked like he was playing with paint and water. I instantly knew I wanted to do something similar. Although I came up with loads of Ideas they all had something to do with paint, water and bubbles. When I shared my ideas to some classmates, they didn’t understand well what I wanted to do, so when I showed them some of Stan Brakhage’s work, they seemed interested.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.34.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.34.20 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.34.56 PM.png

Zine 4

I was almost done with the zine until I decided to experament scanning a spread and seeing how it will look once printed. I noticed that the frames of the polaroids are white and the background is white, once you see the original copy you can differentiate the polaroid from the background, but once I made the copies, I noticed that is doesn’t show. I decided to repeat the book since the very final feedback will be given tomorrow.

I made the background black and that way I liked it alot more, because it made the polaroids stand out. This time I really hand to think about the placement of things better. I also had to choose the pictures carefully because they are some really dark pictures that don’t look good with the dark background so I had to remove some pictures and make the spread slightly smaller. I played the pages out similarly to how I had them before, I made small changes. I spent more time to thinks bout the layout. I had a lot of ideas from the content page and I took pictures and lastly decided on one layout that I liked the most. The People page was time-consuming because I spent a lot of time trying to fit as much polaroids as I can, yet making it look appealing. It was difficult because they were all the same size and they were big. The architecture page also took me time because since I made the page a bit smaller I can fit less pictures in, and I am intending on making it look like a building, so the building now must be smaller. In some spread I added some colored squares to make the spread a little fun than just having everything black. I took a polaroid picture of me to put it on top of the article I wrote, to make it match the theme.


Once I got the final feedback I deiced to add some writing on the pages. I changes the layout a little bit on the content page as I wrote what the zine will have and the order of each subject. On each page I added a black polaroid and wrote the subject of each spread using what marker on the polaroid. I also added frame holders on some polaroids to show that this is a new subject that what is on the previous page. I added it to give it the feeling of an old photo album where they use these holders around the picture.

From the cover, I changed it and added a black polaroid picture and hand wrote “Polaroids” in what and in the caption are I wrote my name in black to keep it the same system of the content of the book. I also added some pictures of polaroid cameras at the bottom of the page to make more fun.

I took my zine to get photocopied at a printing place, some of the spread where not copied well and some had a white boarder around and some did not have that. Although this is what makes the zine what it is, it is not prefect and has a messy feeling to it.

My zine came along way, There were a lot of changes made and I am glad I changed it. I put in a lot of effort into making it interesting and fun. The project looks simple but it took a lot of time. Nothing came out well from the first time. I had to change and change and change things to get to this result. I like how it looks and really proud of the final out come.


Zine 3

After getting feedback on my spreads I decided to make changes. For the abandoned places page, I decided to make some pictures larger and some kept the same size, so that the grid look with not be boring. I also made some changes of the lay out of the spreads to make each spread look different and interesting. I also searched for articles to be put in my zine. This was a challenging stage as all of the articles about polaroids were similar and very historical. The articles were also very long. I found two articles, and took out some unnecessary information to make it shorter a bit.

During class some of my classmates gave me feedback on my spreads. Although the feedback that I really liked was when NoorB told me to make the abandoned page look really abandoned and dark and to used my articles creatively fitting it to the polaroids system.

I gave NoorE feedback on her spreads and I suggested that she might use some newspaper papers into the background of her spreads to give them an old feeling since her topic is about old music. I also suggested that she might give it an old colour effect.

I decided to make the abandoned page loom look old and abandoned, so I took a tea bag and stacked it in water and daped it on my paper. I also made the paper messy, I used it for the background. I put my articles in a polaroid frame and wrote the name of the articles in the caption area. I used the handwritten typeface to give it a real polaroid feel to it. I gave each page a theme, based on what people mostly took pictures of. People, Abandoned Places, Architecture, Love, Travel and Details.


Zine 2

As I am really interested in polaroid pictures I decided to make my zine on polaroids. I first started with the research on collections of polaroids and what kind of pictures people take. I found these websites fascinating.

This website shows a man that uses polaroids pictures as a diary and takes a picture everything single day of random things.

This website showcases polaroid picture made by a famous artist where he played with the pictures and adds weird features to them.



I usually take a polaroid camera during my travels but i wanted to know what do people take pictures of as we all have different interests. What makes polaroids really nice is that the picture is not staged and you can not delete it if you do not like it and that effect is really nice.

I decided to choose some nice polaroids pictures I took my self and I asked some people to show me some of their collections and use it throughout my zine. After choosing some from a few people, I scanned them to keep a copy for me and retuned them to the people. The scanning took a lot of time people I scanned many pictures as I still did not decide what to do with them. What was more challenging was cutting them because the background was white and the boarders of the polaroid was white too and I had to be careful white cutting around.

I then decided that I will put the pictures with the similar content on each page and catogarize them. We should have three speeds done by next class for a critique. They were about abandoned places, nature and love.





Zine 1

When we were first  introduced to zines, I did not get the clear idea on what zines are. Although the video I saw in class gave a better understanding I still was not sure what it is. I went to do some research on examples of zine and what they are, and the research phase helped a lot. I understood that a zine is similar to a magazine fun in a crafty way where I get to do everything by hand an not use the computer, It also does not have to be perfect.

Helpful Sources:

This is a video where  a girl make a quick zine and uses different type of papers and materials.

This is a website that teaches people how to make azine, it is really similar to the video I saw,  with the same steps.


I searched more about zines and saw many interesting pictures. People that create zines based on their interests and that is what I liked about it, making something that is related to me and show it in a creative way.

I am thinking of making my zine about video games, or manga/toys, or polaroids. I tried looking of examples of the subcultures I have in  mind, but I could not find any. Although I found examples of zines that I found interesting:


Kinetic Type 4

I worked on finishing the video during the weekend so that I could get final critique on Monday, and work on it for Thursday. I was told to make my type more tight and closer to each other, and keep the distance equal between them.

I made the Allah Akbar in the last few frames fade, to give the feeling of Allah (god), that we can not see him, but we can feel that he is there.

I worked on the video and decided to also change the background colour. From light skin colour, I changed it to light green. My ideas at the start was to put a peaceful colour since that is the tone of the audio, but then I made it light green since the colour of islam is green.

The process took a long time while we had a short amount of time to make the video. It was tough getting used to scaling the type, moving it and playing around with it at the start since this project is new to us; but because I used it in the previous project I got used to it. Although I know how to use after effects, it is time consuming, like 10 seconds of working on the video can  take a few hours. That was the main challenge throughout the project is time management, as we had to work on other deadlines, yet spend a lot of time on aftereffects.

Layar 4

I started working in the layar website to add my on sett information. I added a few things on the poster to make it more fun. I added light coming out from the camera, and added clouds to the skyline. I created a gift of spinning film wheels. This was the most difficult part because I faced a lot of challenges. I made the gif actions on illustrator and created the gif though a website that created the gif for you once you upload the images. Although this was a problem because when I put it on layar, a white box was around it. So i made some research on how I could get a transparent background, and I found out I could make a gif on illustrator. I made my gif on illustrator, saved it then put it on Layar. I created icons for the contact information and placed it on the bottom of the poster as it is easier for people to interact with. I took some student’s film screenshots and edited them into (sepia) filter and placed it as small pictures on the film strip. I took my classmates screenshots and placed them in a carousel on top of the camera, as if the camera is screening the films. I added my music to the poster at the end.

I believe the my poster has changed a lot (better). At the start I did not understand the outcome of the project, but after working on it together and looking at what other students are doing, I understood it better. Once I knew what to do, I put in a lot of effort to make my poster look good. The biggest challenge I faced, was trying to understand the end result. I did not faced major challenges along the process, maybe just with some programs. Layar did not turn out to be hard as  I thought, it was really simple and offered a lot of great features.


Kinetic Type 3

I spent last weekend trying to get as much as I can done from the type, so that I can edit and some some changes throughout the week. I spent the week adding more frames and  changing some frames and trying to make them look more interesting.

Some changes I have made:

I changed the occasion frame to this design because I wanted the word occasion to stand out from the rest of the words, if I kept them all capitalised then occasion will not stand out, so I decided to make them all small letters and just make occasion in bold and separated on a different line. The type also looks happy and calm while the letters are not capitalised.

The prayer frame, I wanted the type to be calm and not capitalised since it is about prayer. I made the word prayer in bold so it will stand out and I also made it italics as if someone is praying. I also took away the number 5 because it will be the focus if I left it in a number form and and large that way. So I made the number five in letters form.

I made the race and colour in different frames because I wanted both words to stand out more, if they were left in one frame the will not stand out as much as if they were in separate frames.